Machine Application

These automated machines are especially design for fluid, adhesive, two parts materials’ dispensing / potting / coating.
Glue dispensing equipment must meet increasingly high performance for accuracy, precision, and repeatability to maintain production quality and heavy-duty usage.

Second Intelligent Equipment glue dispensing equipment applies hi-teach digital and/or mechanical calibrating, metering (ratio) mechanisms, as well as advanced smart AI controls to feed and dose accurately; and applies hi-teach sensors that can automatically check and weight, monitor and detect to measure various anomalies input and output.

If you need hi-teach and quality glue dispensing equipment solutions for your product(s), contact us. Our many success projects history (since 2005 of focus in the field) demonstrates that we have the expertise to provide automatic glue dispensing, and potting equipment that will meet your requirements.

Feel free to submit your inquiry for any fluid or adhesive glue dispensing project to us for a free solution proposal, and dispensing, potting, or coating machine price. Our Sales Engineer will response ASAP. We are specialize in design and building automated single or two-part fluid, adhesive glue, materials’ dispensing / potting / coating since 2005.

automatic glue dispensing machine

Do you know Glue Dispensing Machine?

Can replace manual operations to achieve mechanized production; single machine can be operated, simple, convenient, high-speed and accurate; SD card storage mode, convenient for data management and file transfer between machines…

automatic glue dispensing machine

Do you know how Industrial Glue Applicators work? 

Compressed air is sent into the plastic bottle, and the glue is pressed into the feeding tube connected to the piston chamber. When the piston is in the upstroke, the piston chamber…

automatic glue dispensing machine

What are the application industries of Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine?

In order to ensure that the dispensing operation is simpler and more accurate, the speed is high…

Do you know the common problems of Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine?

The most common problem encountered by the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine is the valve problem. The following are effective methods to solve the problems that often occur when the valve is used…

How is the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine applied in the chip packaging industry?

How is the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine applied in the chip packaging industry? With the continuous development of society, today’s era is an era of informationization. Semiconductors and integrated circuits have become the theme of today’s era…

What are the precautions for the Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine?

Hot-melt glue dispenser uses the characteristics of solid-state hot-melt glue to heat into the molten state and then solidify when exposed to the cold surface of the air…

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