As an Epoxy Dispenser Wholesale, share with you. The purchase of glue filling machine must follow these four principles. The introduction of glue filling machine I think in the previous introduction, everyone has already learned in detail. The working principle of the glue filling machine is mainly used in the fluid control industry. The control glue is used to encapsulate products and workpieces. The working principle of the glue filling machine is mainly to use compressed air to control the on-off switch of the glue valve, and use the pump to transfer the glue from the glue storage barrel to the switch mixing part.
Generally, the working principle of the Glue Potting Machine is to place the product in a vacuum, and the two liquids are mixed according to a certain ratio and then filled with glue. The purpose is to greatly improve the quality of glue filling, high degree of automation, shorten the process and improve production efficiency. It is suitable for two-component resin materials such as two-component epoxy resin, two-component polyurethane, two-component silicone rubber, etc. It is suitable for grouting products with complex structure and high quality requirements for grouting products. It has also introduced in detail to its application industry. Today I will introduce you to the principles that the glue filling machine abides by during the selection process. I hope you can help you with the process of choosing the glue filling machine.

The selection of glue filling machine generally follows the following four principles:

1. Glue: One-component glue filling machine for ordinary glue, two-liquid glue filling machine for AB glue, PU glue filling machine for PU glue, and special syringe filling glue for UV glue.
2. Gluing process: Ordinary gluing uses a semi-automatic gluing machine (such as foot control), and precise positioning and marking use desktop, three-axis, circle drawing and other automatic gluing machines. The automatic function of the dispenser is actually a subsidiary function. The glue filling machine plays a more role in controlling the glue. Other functions can be realized with the help of automated robots.
3. Working efficiency and environment: There are few products, no pursuit of efficiency, use manual glue gun; outdoor work, use glue gun. It is required to accurately control the contest and use the machine. For automated dispensing, use machines with automated functions.
4. Cost: There are many kinds of glue filling schemes. Not all glue filling requires the use of machines, and not all automated dispensing must be attached to the glue filling machine. From cost considerations, if a certain kind of glue needs to use a machine of too high price, you can consider replacing the glue. If the price of the dispensing machine with automation is too high, you can consider moving the product instead of the glue head.

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