October in autumn, a season of harvest and thanksgiving, October 16, Second Intelligent Chairman Shi Junwei purchased 8 tons of fruits from his hometown and gave them to more than 1,000 sanitation workers in Songgang Street, Shenzhen, to share the harvest joy of rural revitalization with the “city beauticians” sanitation workers.


When learning that October 26th is the sanitation workers day,Shi Junwei frankly said: “no special ideas, pure coincidence, at that time, just thinking of sanitation workers is very hard, I hope to send them a tribute, and hope that through this activity, can make more people pay attention to the sanitation workers group, respect for the fruits of their labor, and work together to maintain the beautiful environment of the city.”


Fruit trees planted with their own help, transported to Shenzhen after three days and 1500 kilometers, called the company’s staff to work together to sort and box, and then hand-delivered to the hands of sanitation workers. This tribute can be said to be full of sincerity. Shenzhen is a nationally renowned city of care, in the name of love, with their own acts of love and goodwill for the city of care, to help revitalize the countryside and Shenzhen care action combined, the practice of Shenzhen “care, gratitude, return” of the spirit of the city. On the road of caring, help more people in need.