With the continuous development of the dispensing industry, dispensing robots are widely used. For the traditional dispensing robot lack of space and lack of flexibility of the industry, Shenzhen Second Intelligent Equipment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Second Intelligent”) launched “industrial robot + 3D vision technology” dispensing solutions to provide customers with automation higher level of service. 

Based on the precipitation of many years of dispensing process,Second intelligent adhere to the evolution of technological innovation, through many stages, in the product application and solution synergies, combined to create a rapid flexible deployment, convenient maintenance, more innovative value of the “industrial robot + 3D vision technology” flexible dispensing solutions, in the intelligent manufacturing of multi-industry multi-scene application, for customers to bring cost reduction, efficiency and quality and other practical service value. The successful combination of “industrial robot + 3D vision technology” has brought many key breakthroughs, including high-precision positioning and navigation, intelligent identification and detection, high flexibility, high adaptability, high collaboration, etc., which has improved the efficiency, accuracy and safety of industrial production, and played an important role in enhancing the competitiveness and development of industrial manufacturing.

In the future,Second Intelligence will continue to focus on “industrial robot + 3D vision technology”, and will carry out “deep plowing action” in four aspects: First, continuous optimization of algorithms, Second Intelligence will devote to improving the algorithms of robot dispensing + 3D vision technology to increase dispensing accuracy and efficiency to adapt to different workpiece shapes, materials and process requirements; Second, continuous improvement of hardware, Second Intelligence will continue to improve and optimize the hardware equipment required for robot dispensing + 3D vision technology, such as 3D cameras, robot arms and so on, in order to improve the performance and stability of the system; Third, data set construction, Second Intelligence will actively collect and build a rich data set for training and optimizing the model of robot dispensing + 3D vision technology to improve the accuracy of recognition and localization; Fourth, improve the practical application field, Second Intelligence will cooperate with partners and industrial users to apply robot dispensing + 3D vision technology in actual production, and continuously accumulate experience and improve the feasibility and practicability of the technology.