Since 2018, Suzhou Second New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (Second New Energy) has continued to increase R&D investment, set up a specialized air-cooled stack technology research and development team, accurately matched the market demand, and successfully developed air-cooled stack-related production equipment and production lines with excellent performance indexes, including general-purpose cutting machine, roll cutting machine, air-cooled stack single-cell production line, and single-cell whole plant production line, etc., which can meet the production demand of The production needs of fuel cell air-cooled stacks for hydrogen drones, hydrogen bicycles, hydrogen motorcycles, hydrogen sightseeing cars, hydrogen robots and other scenarios, fully demonstrating the strong strength and professional technology.

According to the cooling method, hydrogen fuel cell reactors are mainly categorized into water-cooled reactors and air-cooled reactors. Compared with water-cooled hydrogen fuel cell reactors, air-cooled reactors directly reduce the production and maintenance costs of air-cooled reactors by giving up part of the equipment in exchange for a streamlined structure, and are highly suitable for the working conditions, costs, range and environmental protection requirements of lightweight applications, such as hydrogen drones, hydrogen bicycles, hydrogen motorcycles, hydrogen sightseeing cars, small vehicles and backup power sources, with the advantages of a simple system, easy maintenance, lightweight and low cost. It has the advantages of simple system, easy maintenance, light weight and low cost.

During the research and development of air-cooled reactor production equipment, Second New Energy is committed to solving the industry difficulties and customer needs, and constantly innovates the technological development results to solve a number of difficulties and problems: Firstly, there are many types of materials, which has extremely high requirements for the compatibility of the equipment. For the polar plate, it adopts four-side synchronization mechanism to achieve centering and positioning to meet the general requirements; for other materials, it adopts visual positioning and automatically adjusts the spacing of the camera according to the size of the product to realize one-key production change; secondly, the edges of the materials are not clear, which makes the visual edge grasping with a lot of miscalculations. Sechun New Energy keeps on iterating and improving, and adopts fuzzy algorithm to fit the clear features, and successfully improves the visual positioning accuracy to ±0.04mm; Thirdly, the material itself has the characteristics of static adsorption and air permeability, which makes it extremely difficult to grasp and handle the material. After continuous iteration and upgrading, Second New Energy adopts distributed and decentralized suction method, and automatically adjusts the gas flow and increases the process detection, which ultimately improves the handling success rate to more than 99% ……

Second new energy air-cooled reactor production equipment and production line has the following six technical features:

  1. Realize unmanned/light-off production, AVG transportation frame completes material transportation;
  2. A number of production lines according to the process atmosphere, including cutting line, dispensing stacking line, material staging line, punching line, automatic loading and stacking line, etc. The production mode is flexible,which cansatisfy the diversified production requirements of customers;
  3. Precise control of dispensing, cutting, etc., dispensing precision up to ± 0.01mm, cutting precision up to ± 0.02mm, material utilization rate increased to more than 98%;
  4. Key processes to increase the closed-loop detection, improve production stability;
  5. The laminating process adopts vision system + robot to complete precision laminating, laminating accuracy ± ≤ 0.1mm;
  6. Realize the working time: 30s/single battery pack, and improve the production capacity in an orderly manner.

Cai Qizhi, General Manager of Second New Energy, said that enterprises should take social responsibility to provide a sustainable future for the next generation through innovative business cooperation model and green smart environmental protection technology. In the future, Second new energy will continue to strengthen the key technology research and development, constantly broaden the application field of the product, polymerization of energy with science and technology, so that the hydrogen energy technology into the daily life.