With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous development of various industries, the demand for glue filling equipment grows, and the application scenarios tend to be more diversified.Looking around the world, in-line vacuum gluing machines are widely used, and market sales show a rapid growth trend.In-line vacuum filling machine is a kind of high efficient and precise equipment, mainly used for vacuum filling of products with glue under vacuum environment,which can effectively improve product quality, production efficiency and automation level.

Shenzhen Second Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Second Intelligent”) has been ploughing into the fluid application industry for 18 years, combined with its own advantages in precision assembly technology and the trend of the industry, it has developed and upgraded the in-line vacuum gluing machine SEC-S400ZL,which is suitable for a number of industries such as automotive electronics, capacitors, new energy motors, high-voltage packages, ignition coils, solenoid coils, motor stators, and sensors, etc, and solves the problems of the industry that are commonly found in the industry such as the small product seams, the poor penetration of the gluing force, and the tendency to produce bubbles.

Second intelligent in-line vacuum glue filling machine has the advantages of fast pumping speed, low noise, quantitative glue dispensing, high glue dispensing precision, high ratio precision, etc.. Meanwhile, it also collects the functions of vacuum loading, vacuum defoaming, pressure monitoring, real-time display of liquid level, etc., which can cope with a variety of complex glue application scenarios. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate, with good stability, high reliability, high precision, high efficiency, high automation, low energy consumption, easy to maintain and repair. Equipment adaptability, can meet the needs of different fields and different products of glue filling. Perfect after-sales service, provide professional technical support and maintenance service.


Second Intelligent has upgraded the original offline vacuum gluing machine to achieve the process solution of automatic product entry into the vacuum box, automatic sensing of the smelting tool in place and positioning, automatic closing of the vacuum box door, automatic vacuum pumping and automatic gluing according to the gluing procedure and automatic pressure relief after the completion of gluing, automatic opening of the door, and automatic flow of smelting tool.

After the products are assembled in the front section of the process, they can be automatically transported to the internal conveyor line of the vacuum gluing machine for positioning through the front receiving table. The preparation unit needs to heat and stir the A/B glue, and defoam and prepare the material under the vacuum environment of -100KPA.

Second intelligent in-line glue filling machine perfectly solves the modern user’s demand for quality glue filling, with obvious high-performance advantages, reliable and durable, streamlined design, able to adapt to a wide range of specifications, and absolute advantages for products with complex internal structure, high bubble requirements, and slow glue penetration. It is controlled by industrial control machine + Second operation control card integrated with advanced algorithm and Second self-developed glue filling software, equipped with friendly operation software, easy to operate.

The technological progress of Second intelligent in-line vacuum glue filling machine is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

  1. Realise vacuum gluing process, this process is to ensure that the product in the case of absolute negative pressure of an automatic gluing operation. This process can effectively remove the air bubbles in the product and glue, and improve the quality and stability of the product.
  2. Intelligent and automated equipment, the new in-line vacuum gluing machine includes storage unit, metering system, dual-liquid mixing valve, vacuum box, vacuum pump, conveying line, dispensing valve, three-axis module, electrical control system and industrial control machine + Second motion control card integrated with advanced algorithms + Second independent research and development of the gluing software composition, in order to achieve the automatic vacuum loading, automatic vacuum defoaming, automatic proportioning, automatic positioning of the product in and out of the vacuum box, the dispensing valve automatically according to the programming of the road strength of the product for the filling of the glue in a vacuum environment;The monitoring components include pressure sensor and gravity sensor, etc., which are used to monitor the pressure feedback of the metering system and the dynamics of the products to be glued and finished gluing products to ensure the accuracy and quality of proportioning and gluing.

  3. Wide range of applications in the industry, in-line vacuum glue filling machine is mainly used in the process of gluing, potting, filling, dripping, etc. with high defoaming requirements, which is widely used in the fields of communication, precision electronics, automotive electronics, all kinds of accessories, capacitor coils, sensors, transformers, relays, motors, high-voltage packages, power supplies and so on.

  4. Product quality and production efficiency are enhanced by the use of in-line vacuum gluing process and advanced equipment design, which enables fully automated and intelligent production to meet the market demand for high-quality and high-efficiency gluing.Technological innovation and breakthrough is the truth that Second Intelligence has insisted on for many years, innovation is not an end in itself, but the starting point for human society to create a better world. In the future, Second Intelligence will continue to respond to the market demand from technological innovation, to bring customers more beyond the expected experience, with the ultimate craftsmanship empowered fluid application technology.