In order to ensure that the dispensing operation is simpler and more accurate, the speed is high. The control system of the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine is equipped with a motion control card, an offline conversion board, a handheld teaching box, a serial cable, an interface cable, a software dog, an offline liquid product, an offline keyboard, and a thin code switch dispensing program. The advantage of this assembly is that the files are easy to download and data management is convenient.

        After understanding the composition of the dispenser, what you need to understand is the working principle of the dispenser. The dispenser uses compressed air into a syringe or a plastic bottle, presses the glue into a feed tube connected to the piston chamber, and uses the pressure to perform the dispensing operation. When the piston is on the upstroke, the piston chamber will be filled with glue; when the piston pushes the glue drop needle down, the glue will be pushed out of the needle under pressure. The amount of glue dropped is determined by the distance of the piston undershooting, which can be adjusted manually or controlled by programming.

        Dispenser is a major shift from manual to automated. It includes the writing of mechanical, electrical, and PLC programs. Very good interpretation of the extraordinary application of mechatronics technology. It is the best embodiment of mechatronics towards intelligence, modularity and greenness.