As a High Speed Automatic Dispensing Machine Wholesale, share with you. What should I do if the glue filling machine needs to be replaced during the work? After completing the work of the former product, the two-liquid glue filling machine needs to carry out the glue filling work of the latter product. If the glue used by the two products is different, the editor recommends that the glue of the glue filling machine be cleaned before proceeding. Glue work for a product, because there may be chemical interaction between the two glues, leading to abnormal situations.

        If there is a one-key clear function, then the operation is relatively simple, press the cleaning button, the machine will automatically complete. If the two-liquid automatic glue filling machine does not have a one-key cleaning function, when cleaning, first drain out the unused glue, and then put organic solvents, such as Tianna water and industrial alcohol, into the machine; then put these organic Press the solvent and glue together and blow it off with an air gun. With this type of machine, cleaning is very necessary, otherwise, if it is not used for a long time, it will be very troublesome to cure the glue in the valve or in the bucket. Some accessories may need to be replaced. So after each use, be sure to remember to clean.
What are the commonly used cleaning agents when cleaning the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine: industrial alcohol, natural water, acetone or methylene chloride, industrial alcohol is generally cheaper, for some glues, if the alcohol is not easy to clean, you can use acetone to clean The cleaning effect of acetone is very good, but the cost is slightly higher.
What if the glue filling machine needs to be replaced during the work? When cleaning the two-liquid automatic glue filling machine: because the cleaning agent is some chemical solvent, it will be irritating to the skin and have a certain smell. It is best to wear waterproof gloves when cleaning and keep the workshop Ventilation! The cleaning agent is easy to glow, flammable and explosive, do not smoke when using it!
How to reduce the bubble of the glue filling machine? Operating the glue filling machine is a technical task. It controls the speed, time, amount of glue filling machine and whether the air is exhausted. Every dimension is an important thing! Let us first analyze the main reasons for the bubbles.

1. Into the air when stirring, the air is not completely evacuated during the injection of the product and the entire curing process. Phenomenon: very small bubbles.
2. The reaction of moisture and curing agent produces gas, phenomenon: large bubbles

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