Two-component Automatic AB Adhesive Materials Mixing & Potting Machine

This machine works with a three-axis Cartesian robot to perform automatic dispensing. The robot and dispensing are using Second’s control software, and able to dispense beads, lines, circles, arcs and other graphical trajectories in most of the directions accurately and effectively. The AB materials will be drawing into the tanks automatically with the build-in pump, after filled up, it can perform degassing, this is to pump out the air or gas from the tank and materials, so the materials can be bubble-free when dispensing. The machine is able to perform automatic metering, mixing, and dosing continuously and homogenously within 1-3% accuracy rate base on materials’ nature, this reaches the professional acceptance. The machine has two operating options, one is by PC computer with Windows base software, another one is by touch screen PLC control. The build-in materials tanks can add agitate motor for low speed, high torque stirring; temperature control for warming and heating material; it can work with static or dynamic mixing valve; to easy clean after work, the machine can work with an automatic clean tank to flush the mixing valve and mixing tube after the day of work has completed. It is good value machine, mature design, reliable work, user friendly and low maintenance, which greatly saves from the worker’s manual mixing and potting time, improves quality, saves materials, and reduce lots of costs.

Second Intelligent Equipment was founded in 2005, since then, it only focus on design and develop automatic industrial fluid, adhesive materials dispensing and potting machines. The company provides integrated fluid dispensing, potting, and coating solutions from research, development, production, pre-sales, and global after sales services. The products includes various types of precise automatic single or two-part fluid, adhesive material dispensing, potting, or coating machines. The machines comes in the different types, such as desktop, stand-alone, inline, or six-axis robot combined systems. The factory is also capable of producing custom design machines for customers, welcome your contact, we can offer free evaluate, and proposal.