Desktop Automatic Dispenser

Our latest model desktop dispenser was built with one-piece aluminum casting molding, strong structure, stable operation, precise, and low maintanence with compact body, but bigger 380mm x 380mm working stroke.
The machine is design with great flexibility, it is able to match different fluid or glue feeding devices, also can adopt different dispensing valves, it truly achieved one robot can adopt different material applicators to dispense different products.

Second Intelligent Equipment was founded in 2005, since then, it only focus on design and develop automatic industrial fluid, adhesive materials dispensing and potting machines. The company provides integrated fluid dispensing, potting, and coating solutions from research, development, production, pre-sales, and global after sales services. The products includes various types of precise automatic single or two-part fluid, adhesive material dispensing, potting, or coating machines. The machines comes in the different types, such as desktop, stand-alone, inline, or six-axis robot combined systems. The factory is also capable of producing custom design machines for customers, welcome your contact, we can offer free evaluate, and proposal.