Glue Dispensing Machine, also known as glue applicator, glue dispenser, glue dispenser, glue dispenser, etc., specifically controls the fluid. The automatic machine that drips and applies fluid to the product surface or inside the product can realize three-dimensional and four-dimensional path dispensing, precise positioning, precise control of glue, no drawing, no leaking, no dripping. The dispensing machine is mainly used for the precise point, injection, coating and dripping of glue, paint and other liquids in the product process to the precise position of each product. It can be used to achieve dots, lines, circles or arcs.


There are many names for glue control equipment, such as glue dispenser, glue dispenser, glue applicator, glue dispenser and so on.

Normal type:

1. Controller type dispenser

Including automatic dispenser, quantitative dispenser, semi-automatic dispenser, digital dispenser, precision dispenser and so on.

2. Desktop Dispenser

Including desktop dispenser, desktop three-axis dispenser, desktop four-axis dispenser, or desktop automatic dispenser, 3-axis assembly line dispenser, multi-head dispenser, multi-outlet dispenser, circle Dispenser, rotary dispenser, speaker dispenser, mobile phone button dispenser, cabinet dispenser, etc.

3. Semi-automatic dispensing machine

Including microcomputer precision dispensing machine, LED digital display dispensing machine, automatic suction suction dispensing machine, pull-out cycle dispensing machine.


Can replace manual operations to achieve mechanized production; single machine can be operated, simple, convenient, high-speed and accurate; SD card storage mode, convenient for data management and file transfer between machines; can be equipped with a two-component pumping system to form a two-liquid automatic Dispensing machine; can be equipped with dispensing controllers and valves to form floor dispensing equipment; can be equipped with a screw lock mechanism, configured as an automatic locking screw machine; can be upgraded to an online robot as needed Automatic assembly; strong carrying capacity and large processing space.