The most common problem encountered by the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine is the valve problem. The following are effective methods to solve the problems that often occur when the valve is used.

         Valve dripping, this situation often occurs after the valve is closed. 95% of this is due to the miss-fit of a small diameter of the needle used. Too small of a needle will affect the flow of the liquid and cause back-pressure, which will cause dripping to occur shortly after the valve is closed. Too small of a needle will also affect the bubble removal action when the valve is in used. Just replace the a suitable larger needle to solve this problem. The tapered oblique needle produces the least back-pressure and the smoothest fluid flow. The air inside the liquid or glue will leak after the valve is closed. It is best to eliminate the air from the materials in advance, ask your supplier to provide quality packaged materials, use centrifugation machine to degas, or use the dispensing, potting machine with build-in degassing function.