Inline High Precision CCD fiducial Visual Dispensing Machine 

This is an inline dispensing machine, connecting other machines at the front and in the back via a conveyor, and communication signals (e.g. SMEMA). Working as an automatic assembly line, increasing production capacity and saving labor costs. The conveying system equipped with electric narrowing, and widening track, this allow to fit for different product sizes, so it has great advantages in dispensing different PCB, PCBA multi-panel products. There are different type of conveying tracks available, some are able to carry products with pallet, and some are able to carry the PCB directly, depends on production need. In the track, it is able to add an elevating system, it can raise the dispensing target up in a requreired level to meet the nozzle distance, tilting, or rotating and so on.

The machine conveyor comes with an optional automatic track width adjustment function, with smart reconigzing function, with this function, it can automatic adjustment when the file is called. This is working with a code scanning system, a scanner will be installed to scan the product code and adjust automatically. The system can be connecting to MES system to provide closely production in-time information monitoring.

Apart from the smart CCD fiducial auto position, and conveying systems, this machine can also pair with laser height measure and compensate gear, via it to measure the product’s levelness, and compensate as need, so to make sure all dispensed adhesive is land on the same level with the same amount. The system is usually working with syringe dispensing valve, and or jetting valve. Last but not the least, it can be equipped with a weighing scale, this helps to realizes closed-loop control of glue volume, and improves the precision and stability of glue output. This is a smart system that provides high automation, high precision, and able to gurantee the best dispensing quality.

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