PEM Electrolyzer adhesive dispenser – SEC-H800

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PEM Electrolyzer adhesive dispenser – SEC-H800

PEM Electrolyzer adhesive dispenser – SEC-H800

This is a multi purposes dispensing machine, it is designed to developed for larger sizes metal plate dispensing needs. The equipment is compatible to different sizes and shapes of bipolar metal plates. The visual auto position dispensing system is stable and reliable for high precision works. The machine is customized to process and work with variety of dispensing valves for different materials and plates.



Hydrogen fuel cell battery is getting more important as an alternative power source for automotive vehicles, and also more and more stationary power supply are being developed. It is also a type of green energy, it has zero emission. Most of the machines and production lines we listed on this web-site have been built and sold to many clients already, and they have been proved success and reliable.

The company has begun to enter into the field of hydrogen fuel cell equipment in 2014. After years of researches and developments, combined the good experience in automated adhesives dispensing knowledge and the hydrogen fuel cell battery fabricating know-how, the company has successfully developed and sold various type of PEM FC bipolar plate automatic dispensing, sealing, and packaging machines as well as production lines. We also provide the membrane electrode assembling, packaging, machine, and production lines as well as automatic battery stacking machine, air tightness testing machine, testing and inspecting machines, fully automatic stack system, assembly production lines and other related equipment. We have established a subsidiary company name Suzhou Second Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd for this section of business, Shenzhen Second Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. is the mother-company. Please feel free to contact us, we provide free evaluation, proposal, and looking into long-term cooperation partnership to develop the businesses, and gives the Earth one more green energy option.

Equipment introduction

  • Smart moving platform structure designed for higher precision, while reduce overall machine’s footprint.
  • SEC original designed and developed dispensing and controlling systems, which are more precise and stable.
  • Equipped with smart visual cameras to achieve high precise dispensing and assembly.
  • Functional pneumatic adsorption/compression control platform: can realize product positioning, compatible with graphite plate, composite plate, metal plate, no need to add extra special fixture.
  • Smart material supply system, which can detect and signal material shortage alarm, low air pressure alarm, and abnormal temperature alarm.

Main functions

  • Smart CCD auto positioning system
  • Precise product fixture works with moving gantry for high-accurate dispense
  • Original design customized high precision dispensing system
  • Smart product inspection system
  • Automatic nozzle positioning system

Optional functions

  • FFU filtering system
  • Various automatic materials feeding systems
  • Adaptable to different dispensing valves
  • Automatic dispensing AOI inspection systems
  • Competible with MES, CIM data communication


Robot travel & transport system

Servo Motor / Ball Screw

Max working range


X Y speed


Z speed


Z axis payload


XYZ repeat accuracy


CCD visual camera

Basler / OPT

Laser height altimeter

Panasonic / Keyence

Dispensing software

Second Original

Industrial computer

Industrial computer, LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse

Material feeding system

30CC/50CC/330CC Syringe or cartridge

Power supply, air-pressure

AC220V50-60HZ 2.5KW  0.5-0.7Mpa

Machine footprint


Machine weight

About 1500kg

Working environment

Humidity:20-90%, Temperature: 0-40℃

PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1

Supportive dispensing systems

PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1

Hydrogen fuel cells have been developed for many years, and the current technology is very mature, and the scientists have solved many technical problems. Now it is necessary to break through the bottleneck of mass production, so that the cost of each battery stack can be greatly reduced. To achieve this, automatic equipment production must be employed. We have prepared it for you here. Welcome your inquiry, we provide standard equipment and custom equipment. Whether it is for business operation or environmental protection, it is beneficial for us to have more green new energy like H2FC.

PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1
PEM H2 fuel cell battery fabricating machine 1


LED Drive Power

The SECOND glue potting equipment is used in the LED drive power supply to play a role in heat dissipation, moisture proof, waterproof, and flame retardant.


EMI and FIP dispensing techniques are widely use in the telecommunication and transportation industries. With the rapid development of communications, electric vehicles, and personal wireless electronic gadgets, these products are often required to connect and interact between each others. However, the signals sometimes interfere with the others, so need to be filtered or shielded. To improve and control the electromagnetic signals, engineers can redesign the entire product, or it can apply EMI shielding materials to filter or shield. Shielding is relatively economical and easy to achieve, it is done basically by adding shielding gasket. Our dispensing machine can directly produce different sizes of triangular shapes or D-shape filtering gaskets, these gaskets can appear in different shapes and is directly applying to the products. The dispensing machine equips with special adhesive material dispensing valve to apply directly, and without post-processing. The machine is intelligent, precise, but user-friendly, without complicated installation, or setup. In addition to the above functions, this type of dispenser equipment can also dispense FIP adhesive glue, and thermal interface material. The equipment is not only precise, but also multi-purpose, which is convenient for various type of storage battery, and electronic product applications.

EMS, Underfill

Dispensing equipment are important for various EMS (electronic manufacturing service) productions. Electronic product processing service industry is indispensable to modern life, because many products are now equipped with electronic and become more intelligent. These products are becoming more and more complex, precise and tiny in size. And for consumer product, their production volume also in large production and fast turnover. Therefore, it is necessary to use automated equipment, or even fully automated production lines to produce to meet apply the materials. With the automatic dispensing robots, it is possible to catch up with the capacity and demands. And more importantly, to improve economic efficiency to maximize economic of scale, and so to reduce unit prices to enhance competition. Very often in this type of production, the uses of dispensing machines or equipment is inseparable. In this production process, the glue dispenser is usually used to assist in the functions of fixing, connecting, protecting, dissipating heat and so on between parts and components. Our glue dispensers can directly add the relevant materials to the specified positions accurately and quickly as required.

Casting, Encapsulating

Two-component materials’ encapsulating and casting production are important to enhance electronic products. No matter if your product is for business selling, or for household consuming, nowadays everyone has higher quality requirements and expectations. Furthermore, the protection of the product is not only to optimize the function of the product, but also to prolong the service life of the product, thereby reducing production waste. In electronic products the parts and components are generally composed of different metals and sensitive chemical combined materials. The more precise the product, the more high-tech the product it is, with this, it requires higher protection, so that it can be optimized according to the requirements. In doing so, it can state of long-term operation without being affected by the surrounding environmental conditions. Our two-component potting machines are specially designed for this production, as well as our vacuum encapsulating and casting potting machines. These machines can accurately degas the two-component adhesive materials base on the ratio, meter, mix, and homogenously and continually to the products. These materials cannot be applying manually, they need to use machines, which can be supplied in large quantities, continuously, accurately, and for long time of works. With the materials provided by such equipment, the product will have better protection, heat dissipation, waterproof, moisture-proof, encryption (to protect the circuitry design, and components used).


1.Are you trading company or manufacturer?2021-08-26T11:19:43+08:00

We are direct manufacturer.

2.What is your terms of packing?2021-08-26T11:20:44+08:00

Generally, we pack our goods with proper wooden box. However, if client has special requirment, we can customize.

3.What is your terms of payment?2021-08-26T11:21:07+08:00

Depends on terms and conditions, negotiable.

4.What is your terms of delivery?2021-08-26T11:24:19+08:00


5.Can you produce according to the sample testing?2021-08-26T11:22:35+08:00

Yes, we can produce according to the tested result. We can also product base on your design.

6.Do you test your goods before delivery?2021-08-26T11:22:44+08:00

Yes, we will test 100% before delivery.

7.How do you make your business long-term and good relationship?2021-08-26T11:22:53+08:00

We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.

8.What is the working principle of the Glue Dispensing Machine?2021-08-26T11:24:59+08:00

Dispensing machine is an automatic machine and equipment that specializes in controlling fluid and dripping, coating, and potting the liquid on the surface of the product or inside the product. The glue dispenser is mainly used for glue and paint in the product process.

9.What is the difference between a glue dispenser and a potting machine?2021-08-26T11:25:18+08:00

Glue dispensers are generally suitable for small products or electronic components, which are more precise; the products of potting dispensers are generally larger.

10.What kind of glue does the dispenser generally use?2021-08-26T11:26:02+08:00

As long as it is a fluid with a viscosity within a certain range, it can be operated. The glue generally used in the dispenser includes red glue, hot melt glue, silica gel, grease and so on.


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